sweat makes cents jumping jack challenge

For our annual childhood obesity awareness campaign, participants complete 100 jumping jacks, post a short video of themselves in action on social media with a signature song, make a $0.10 donation for every jumping jack they complete and challenge friends, family, and followers to do the same. For example, a participant's 100 jumping jacks raises $10 (tax deductible) for charity! Money raised funds childhood obesity prevention programs nationwide, trains female health leaders, and provides college scholarships. More →

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If you’re looking for a fun way to reach your fitness goals while networking with female professionals in your city, you just found it. PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT connects women looking to make fitness fun, erase the negative stigma that sweat holds and end childhood obesity. When you join a city team, 10% of all memberships is donated to SWEAT MAKES CENTS. More →


attend our fitness fundraisers

Need some meaningful motivation to reach your fitness goals? Sweat with purpose! Our fitness parties get you moving, put the FUN in fundraising and provide a meaningful way to invest (sweat equity) in the health of future generations. From dance classes to Hip Hop Yoga to cycling sweat sessions, each experience forms a “Sweat Sisterhood” uniting women to give back, get fit, relieve stress, impact their communities, and help fund solutions to the childhood obesity epidemic in the US. More →


shop pretty girls sweat gear

PRETTY GIRLS SWEAT’s conversation starting apparel form a “Sweat Sisterhood” uniting women to have fun, encourage one another, flip the ingrained negative stereotypes that sweat holds, and become positive role models in their schools and homes. When you make a purchase, they donate 10% of profits to SWEAT MAKES CENTS to train health leaders nationwide. Shop Now →