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what is the sweat makes cents challenge?

SWEAT MAKES CENTS is our annual fundraiser and childhood obesity awareness campaign. Each year, participants complete 100 jumping jacks, post a short video of themselves in action on social media with a *signature song as the soundtrack, make a $0.10 donation for every jumping jack they complete and challenge friends, family, and followers to do the same. For example, a participant's 100 jumping jacks raises $10 (tax deductible) for our charity! SWEAT MAKES CENTS uses the money to fund childhood obesity prevention programs nationwide, train female health leaders on college campuses, and award student scholarships. Watch the video below to see how supporters GET FIT + GIVE BACK!


Everyone participates! Principals can create a fundraiser page for their school, a fitness instructor can sign up for her class (GET DETAILS), a football team can kick off their commitment, or you can sign up as an individual. Anyone, at any age, or any gender can show their support!



The fundraising campaign happens during the month of September (Childhood Obesity Month)!

Is there a fundraising goal?

This year, our goal is to raise $25,000 and get 2,500 participants to complete a total of 250,000 jumping jacks. Let’s get moving across America.

Don't want to create a team fundraising page or post a video on social media?

You can just make a contribution to the cause and/or help recruit sponsors for the organization through social media. Spread the word!


What is the signature song this year?

The 2019 song will be announced on August 1st!

Who are the winners?

When childhood obesity rates decline, we all win! Your support helps "change" the way girls think about fitness and nutrition. Sometimes our super sweet sponsors hook up our dedicated donors based on your donation level! 

Download and Share!

Download and share these social media graphics below to show your support for the #SweatMakesCents Challenge. Don't forget to use the hashtag #SweatMakesCents so we can thank you for your support :-)

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