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Successful people aren’t gifted; they just work hard and succeed on purpose. 


Wellness Journalism Program Alum Abisola Adeyemo Becomes a Published Author at 21


Each year, our wellness journalism program works with a select group of multicultural young women nationwide to help prepare them for careers in the media industry. Among our 2017 class of reporters was Abisola Adeyemo, a now senior broadcast journalism major at the University of Central Florida. For Adeyemo, her love for journalism began at an early age. "My grandma and I would watch the Oprah Winfrey Show after school," Adeyemo tells us. "Seeing a black woman with such a large platform in media inspired me as a child. I told myself that I could make an impact in media someday."

As a young journalist, Adeyemo's passion for media deepened and she continuously delivered engaging pieces including exclusive interviews with beauty entrepreneur Kristen Noel Crawley and singer Coco Jones. After completing the program two years ago, the college student has continued to make moves as a rising industry talent. 

When catching up with her, she noted that being in the wellness journalism program helped her take on future endeavors with confidence stating:

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“Being in the program gave me the work ethic and drive to find and pitch weekly stories. It also helped me to hone my lifestyle writing skills and stand out among my peers.”

— Abisola Adeyemo


Being a Student Health Leader Helped Damali Lose 50 Pounds


In 2016, former Binghamton University student Damali Lambert filled out an application to become a health leader at her school. Fast-forward to a few weeks later, and accepting the position on her campus proved to be one of the most transformative experiences in Lambert’s college career. While serving as an event coordinator for her campus’ chapter, her involvement in the health leadership program ignited an intense passion for healthy living that has stuck with her even after graduating college in 2017. So much so that the now 22-year-old has continued to be involved and recently took on the role of Washington, D.C. City Captain in 2018, leading workouts for women in the D.C. area.

We had the chance to catch up with Lambert to discuss the impact fitness has had on her life, her post-graduate teaching career, and her workout routine. Keep reading to get to know this powerhouse Sweat Sister — including why she's forever a member of our squad!


It was never about the losing weight, I always found myself to be beautiful. It was about the way it made me feel. Being an ambassador for a healthier lifestyle made me eat right, held me accountable for treating my body right with the right nutrients. I wanted to help other women have a space they felt comfortable discussing their health in and provide programs to help them feel like their best selves. Read more →